• Honda Pioneer 1000 Front storage rack


    Ever need more space to strap things down?  Between this rack and our bed extender, you will have all kinds of room to haul whatever you it is you need to haul.  The rack pictured for 299.99 is our flat rack version.  It comes with 4 tie down hooks and the side support arms.  It hinges open to gain access to under the hood and there is a knob with a 3x8 steel stud on each side that holds it in place. We will have a full rack version coming out within the next week or two which will be the same design, but it will be about 5in deep and have a rail around the top of it.  ********THIS IS THE ORIGINAL MOCK UP ONE.WE USED THIN SHEET METAL TO MAKE SURE THE DESIGN WAS RIGHT ON THE TOP PLATE SO IF YOU SEE THAT ITS WARPED, THATS WHY.  The one you receive will not be warped.

    PLEASE NOTE.  The bumper is not included in the sale price of this rack.  This is for the rack only.  This rack can only be used with our bumper.